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Best Practices For Memory Optimization on Android

on June 26, 2014 Embedded Android: Technology & Trends and Tags: with 3 comments
memory optimization in android

For those tracking the evolution of Android, it is evident that the future of the Android based ecosystem goes far beyond just phones and tablets. The OS is already making its way into a host of other smart devices, like Google Glass for example, in a movement toward what’s being called “the internet of things” [...]

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Home Phones Just Got Smart: The Introduction Of Android Landline Phones

on July 29, 2014 Android Devices At Home and Tags: with 0 comments
android landline smart home phone

The phrase, “I’ll try you on your cell,” is quickly becoming obsolete when it comes to messages left on landline answering machines. Not only are most American households turning away from landlines in general, but those remaining that still use them are starting make the switch to modernized versions of the now-archaic, traditional home phone. [...]

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The Buzz Surrounding A 5G Network

on July 1, 2014 Wireless Networks: Technology & Trends and Tags: with 0 comments
5g wireless technology

Your grandfather probably remembers a time when men’s razors had just one blade. It was sharp and it got the job done…but with some scrapes and cuts along the way. Saturday Night Live famously mocked the addition of more razors saying “the 6th blade gently removes the 1st layer of skin.” But all mocking aside, [...]

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Sleep With Android: How Embedded Technology Is Improving The Way We Rest

on June 13, 2014 Android Devices At Home and Tags: with 0 comments
sleeping with android

Six hours? Eight hours? Ten hours?! We all have our number. How many hours of sleep does it take for you to fire on all cylinders the next day? How hard is it for you to get out of bed in the morning? It’s amazing, we spend a good percentage of our lives sleeping and [...]

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Small Cells: What Are They & Why Do We Need Them?

on May 30, 2014 Wireless Technology For Business and Tags: with 1 comment
small cells

The massive consumption of data combined with the growing popularity of “anywhere access” is putting a strain on mobile network operators. How will technology respond to this change? How will operators offload enough data to meet the increasing demand for service in increasingly remote areas? The answer is small cell technology. Before we can dive [...]

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Cooperation In Wireless Networks: Progress & Trends

on May 22, 2014 Wireless Networks: Technology & Trends and Tags: with 0 comments
wireless cooperation featured image

If we track the evolution of wireless technologies, cooperation (as a way of improving network capacity and performance) stands out as one of the key movers of this evolution. The earliest analog networks were strictly unimodal. Individual network nodes (cell stations) had rigidly defined boundaries of coverage with dedicated, pre-determined resources (primarily bandwidth) with which [...]

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DeepMind & Android: The Evolution Of AI For Consumers Begins

on May 14, 2014 Embedded Android: Technology & Trends and Tags: with 0 comments
deep mind featured image

In January of 2014, Google acquired DeepMind Technologies for more than $400 million (according to MIT Technology Review) to become Google DeepMind. Google does a great job of picking up companies in the advertising, search, and other services as assigned space without much of a splash, but the purchase of DeepMind Technologies reverberated a bit [...]

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How Wireless Mesh Networking Could Change The Business Landscape

on May 9, 2014 Wireless Technology For Business and Tags: with 0 comments
what is wifi mesh

Believe it or not, there are some college campuses in the United States that do not offer WiFi in their residence halls! There’s something about connecting an Ethernet cord to your laptop to research a paper about the future of nanotechnology or another innovative science just doesn’t gel. And while some college campuses are slow [...]

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Revolutionizing Business By Using Android Technology

on April 28, 2014 Android For Business and Tags: with 1 comment
revolutionizing business android featured image

To survive, businesses must find innovative ways to stay competitive in their market. Not only is this true for their products and services, but also for the technology used internally within a company. When many people think of Android technology, they might think of the app store, some project management sites, and a means for [...]

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Combating Android Security Issues: The Case for Hardening Android

on April 24, 2014 Android For Business, Android Medical Device Development, Embedded Android: Technology & Trends and Tags: with 0 comments
the case for hardening android

Lately, the Android OS has been experiencing phenomenal success. The most recent reports from IDC show that 81% of all smartphone devices sold in Q3 2013 are running Android. If you’re familiar with the industry, this may not surprise you. But what might surprise many people is that Android is being actively used in devices [...]

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