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Automotive Telematics: How Android Is Driving Innovation In This Space

on October 21, 2014 Embedded Android: Technology & Trends and Tags: with 0 comments
android telematics development

When it comes to innovation in the automotive space, infotainment systems and smart dashboards are quickly becoming the next big thing. And while there are many different ways to build these systems using embedded technology, Android is proving to be a strong contender for the top OS. Why is embedded Android ideal for telematics development? [...]

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ANDSF Premier: Access Network Discovery and Selection Function

on September 30, 2014 Wireless Networks: Technology & Trends and Tags: with 0 comments
introduction to ANDSF

ANDSF, which stands for access network discovery and selection function, is an entity within the EPC (evolved packet core) with the purpose of assisting UEs in the discovery/selection of access networks, such as WiFi, WiMax, and LTE, in their vicinity; providing them with rules policing the connection to these networks (1). ANDSF client, which runs [...]

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What About LiFi? Looking At Wireless Technology In A New Light

on October 6, 2014 Wireless Networks: Technology & Trends and Tags: with 0 comments
LiFi technology

It’s truly an exciting time to watch the landscape of wireless technology expand. As the demand for wireless connectivity continues to increase, this demand is pushing the capacity and efficiency of wireless technologies to their limits. There is, however, a light at the end of the tunnel. And not just any light either: an LED [...]

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Playing Smart: Android Toys & Other Intelligent Devices That Are Transforming Playtime

on September 18, 2014 Android Devices At Home and Tags: with 0 comments
android toys

The famous fictional astronaut Buzz Lightyear once said: to infinity and beyond! Wise beyond his years, Buzz saw the potential for toys. In what’s become a disruptive innovation for traditional hard plastic dolls and board games, embedded toys are true game changers for the toy industry. For the young at heart, the idea of all the gadgets [...]

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Health Sensor Integration On Android Jelly Bean 4.2

on September 11, 2014 Android Medical Device Development and Tags: with 1 comment
Health Sensor Integration With Android Jelly Bean

Most Android-powered devices have built-in sensors that measure motion, orientation, and various environmental conditions. These sensors are capable of providing raw data with high precision and accuracy, and are useful if you want to monitor three-dimensional device movement or positioning, or if you want to monitor changes in the ambient environment near a device. For [...]

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Up to Speed: A High-Level Look At The Different Technologies Emerging In Wireless

on September 4, 2014 Wireless Networks: Technology & Trends and Tags: with 0 comments
up to speed: keeping up with the latest wireless technology

An introductory article on the different technologies emerging in the wireless space can feel like an introductory article how to speak a foreign language. For some, the language makes sense; they’ve been around it, taken a couple classes and maybe even traveled to a place where that’s the only language spoken. For others, it can [...]

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Wireless Evolution: A Look At Today’s Wireless Technology & Where It’s Headed

on September 2, 2014 Wireless Networks: Technology & Trends and Tags: with 1 comment
evolution of wireless tech

Wireless technology is ever-evolving, and there’s no end in sight. But where did it all begin? How did we get to where we are now? We’ve put together an infographic illustrating the transformations of wireless technologies from 1G in the 80s to the latest developments, to projections of connectivity in 2020. It’s been quite a [...]

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Home Cleaning Robots: Making Automatic Cleaning Possible Through Smart Technology

on August 18, 2014 Android Devices At Home and Tags: with 0 comments
home automated cleaning

Hospitals use devices powered by Android technology to quite literally save lives. Innovations in healthcare and healthcare informatics have revolutionized the way hospitals track patients, prescribe treatments and communicate between facilities. The scientists and technologists behind such developments tend to make the cover of Time Magazine and win Nobel Prizes. But while not all inventions [...]

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Current Trends In ICIC: Inter Cell Interference Coordination in LTE for Capacity Enhancement

on August 14, 2014 Wireless Networks: Technology & Trends and Tags: with 1 comment
icic trends

In their landmark paper published in 20001, Gupta and Kumar laid out, in very simple terms, something known to network planners and engineering professionals for some time; that the capacity of wireless networks is (measured in load per sq. km. per Mhz of allocated spectrum) is primarily limited by interference. A large library of literature [...]

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Smart Toys: How Android Is Transforming The Way We Play & Learn

on August 12, 2014 Android Devices At Home and Tags: with 0 comments
Smart Toys Featured Image

Intelligent toys are not something of the future – they’re already here! Today’s version of smart toys though, is very different from what we can expect to see in the coming years. Recent updates to Android have made the OS ideal for developing interactive, smart toys that not only change the way we define “play,” [...]

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